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  1. I really like the Fire TV. I have one, and I can watch all the Netflix series!
    It really is very practical.

    I am interested in getting a set of bluetooth speakers, but I am not sure of the signal range, as I am finally building a small theater in my house! (yes yes, finally after 45 years I will have my cinema). Basically the second floor of my house will be 4 walls and a roof, completely insulated.

    Okay, back to the speakers and the sound system. I wanted to know more about this since I don’t want to have a lot of cables going back and forth in the room.

    So what worries me the most is the signal and the communication between them regarding the relative position of each one.

    I like this surround sound system, I think it will be perfect for my new toy! 🙂 I’m going to take a closer look to know its characteristics

    Thank you very much for the contribution.

    1. Greetings,

      Like yourself, I also really like the Fire TV Stick. If you decide to order these bluetooth speakers, please leave feedback about your experience with them. This will give feedback to others who are looking into purchasing them as well. 

      Thank you for your continued support, and you are most certainly welcome for the contribution of this article.

      Favor Filled Blessings To You!

  2. Oh finally I found your website that talk about Home Entertainment. 

    I really like that Home lumina fireplace TV stand, especially with 6 open shelves for audio components in features, it’s convenient and my kids can play their video games with the audio components, and I can show my guests when they come down, and see how this thing is wikkid.

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