II. Preparation for the coming of the Redeemer of all mankind, Chapters 12-50

A. ABRAHAM (faith), Chapters 1223

(Development of faith by 7 appearances of God)

1. God’s call and promise to Abram — his response by lapse of faith, Gen 12

2. Abram returns to land from Egypt — separates from Lot — God then appears the third time to Abram, Gen 13

3. First war — Abram delivers Lot; first priest — Abram blessed by Melchizedek, Gen 14

4. God reveals Himself more completely to Abram — reaffirms His promises, Gen 15

5. Unbelief of Sarai and Abram — birth of Ishmael, Gen 16

6. God makes covenant with Abraham (Abram becomes Abraham) — confirms promise to Abraham about a son, Gen 17

7. God reveals coming destruction of Sodom to Abraham — Abraham intercedes on behalf of inhabitants, Gen 18

8. Angels warn Lot — Lot leaves Sodom — God destroys cities of the plain, Gen 19

9. Abraham repeats sin at Gerar about relationship of Sarah, Gen 20

10. Birth of Isaac — Hagar and Ishmael cast out — Abraham at Beer-sheba, Gen 21

11. God commands Abraham to offer Isaac — restrains him — reconfirms covenant with Abraham, Gen 22

12. Death of Sarah — Abraham purchases Machpelah cave for burial place, Gen 23

B. ISAAC (the beloved son), Chapters 2426

(Choosing of a bride compares with Christ and the church)

1. Abraham sends servant for bride for Isaac — Rebekah returns with him — becomes Isaac’s bride, Gen 24

2. Death of Abraham — birth of Esau and Jacob (twins) to Isaac and Rebekah — Esau sells birthright to Jacob, Gen 25

3. God confirms covenant to Isaac — Isaac misrepresents relationship with Rebekah — Isaac digs well in Gerar, Gen 26

C. JACOB (“Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth”), Chapters 2736

1. Jacob and Rebekah connive to get blessing intended for Esau, Gen 27

2. Jacob leaves home — at Bethel God appears to him — confirms Abrahamic covenant, Gen 28

3. Jacob arrives in Haran — meets Rachel and Uncle Laban — serves for Rachel — deceived into marrying Leah, Gen 29

4. Birth of sons of Jacob — Jacob prepares to leave Laban — Jacob’s bargain pays off, Gen 30

5. Jacob flees from Haran — Laban overtakes him — Jacob and Laban make Mizpah covenant, Gen 31

6. Crisis in life of Jacob: at Peniel a Man wrestles with him — Jacob’s name changed to Israel, Gen 32

7. Jacob meets Esau — Jacob journeys to Shalem, Gen 33

8. Scandal in Jacob’s family: Dinah defiled — brothers avenge by slaying men of Hamor, Gen 34

9. Jacob returns to Bethel — Rachel dies at Bethlehem — Isaac dies at Hebron, Gen 35

10. Family of Esau which becomes nation of Edom, Gen 36

D. JOSEPH (suffering and glory), Chapters 3750

1. Jacob dwells in Canaan — Joseph sold into slavery, Gen 37

2. Sin and shame of Judah, Gen 38

3. Humiliation in Egypt, Gen 3940

a. Overseer in house of Potiphar — tempted then framed by wife of Potiphar — imprisoned, Gen 39

b. Joseph in prison interprets dreams of baker and butler, Gen 40

4. Exaltation in Egypt, Gen 4148

a. Joseph interprets dreams of Pharaoh — made overseer of Egypt — marries Asenath — birth of Manasseh and Ephraim, Gen 41

b. Jacob sends 10 sons to Egypt for corn — audience with Joseph — leave Simeon as hostage — return home with corn and refunded money, Gen 42

c. Jacob sends sons (Benjamin included) again to Egypt — entertained in Joseph’s home (does not reveal his identity), Gen 43

d. Joseph sends brothers home — arrested by steward — cup found in Benjamin’s sack, — Judah pleads for Benjamin, Gen 44

e. Joseph reveals identity — tender reunion with brothers — invites Jacob and all family to Egypt, Gen 45

f. Jacob with family (70) move to Egypt — Jacob and Joseph reunited, Gen 46

g. Jacob and brothers dwell in Goshen — presented to Pharaoh — famine forces Egyptians to sell land to Joseph for Pharaoh — Joseph swears he will bury Jacob in Canaan, Gen 47

h. Jacob on deathbed blesses Joseph’s sons, Gen 48

5. Death and burial of Jacob and Joseph, Gen 4950

a. Jacob gives deathbed blessing and prophecy for 12 sons, Gen 49

b. Death and burial of Jacob in Canaan — death and burial of Joseph in Egypt, Gen 50