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  1. Hi there Jerry, 

    Your post really came in handy as far as dating the sacred songs back to the 1920s. 

    I really don’t know much about Christianity, and I am just getting to know it. I am actually very glad to have come to your website, since then, I have seen that you have so much content that I am looking to learn from. 

    I have already bookmarked this website for more interactions. I look forward to talking more with you, and for learning from you in the next few months.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for your interest in this post, I am glad it really came in handy for you.    

      It is most definitely my pleasure to bring content of this caliber to the attention of those who are interested and looking to learn from it. Oh yeah, by the way, you are most certainly welcome for this post.

      Many Blessing Regards To You My Friend!

  2. Some of the albums you’ve mentioned in your post are really old, dating far back as the 1920’s but nevertheless precious memories that one cannot help but remember fondly when thinking about them. 

    These music albums that you’ve mentioned in your article, that is the one’s known to me, are really beautiful and I’m glad that I chanced upon this article. 

    1. Hey there, blessings to you my friend,

      It has, and still is taking a lot of hard work for me to put in to bring this website together. I thank you for your valuable feedback on the content I provided. I really hope you enjoyed reading this article.

      Blessings To You My Friend!

  3. Very nice to learn about the Christian music that you have explained here, and I would be willing to try those music that you mentioned here, it’s good that they are music from the past when Christianity was still very strong and considered sacred too. 

    I like the info here. 


  4. I love listening to gospel music, it is so uplifting and motivating. 

    It’s great to listen to if you are feeling down.I was not aware that it has been around since the 1920’s and 30’s. This information has come at a great time for me because I have been looking around to purchase something of this type for an old friend of mine to listen to. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this excellent information.

    1. Welcome,

      Thank you for committing a portion of your time to read, comment, and discuss your feelings about gospel music, and how it is so uplifting and motivating to you. I really appreciate your remarks and it definitely pleases me to learn that you are receptive that even music from the 1920’s and 30’s, is still great music in today’s period of time.

      Best Of Blessings To You My Friend!

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