Personal Care Appliances

  • 【ZERO CONTACT】The door handle assistant can help you press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/doorknobs and so on. Suitable for use in a variety of environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with people or things.
  • 【SAFETY & HEALTH】Developing an EDC to help keep citizens safe. the decision was made to develop an EDC to help keep citizens safe. So, by using the Hygiene Hand you not only avoid touching and contaminating yourself, but you also lower the risk of spreading germs.
  • 【The Useful Assistant】Door handle assistant can help you press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/door knobs and so on without touching directly. It can reduce direct contact with people or other things effectively.
  • 【Easy To Use】This is a tool for opening doors and pressing elevators. When you need to open the door,Stretches over door knob, press the buttons and turn the door knob easily.
  • 【SERVICE GUARANTEE】We provide high-quality products at a low price to our customers. We do our best to satisfy our customers. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will make every effort to service you.

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First Aid Kits

  • 140-piece Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose Portable Emergency First Aid Kit is ideal for use at home, in cars, outdoors, in dorm rooms, and while camping, cooking and on-the-go to help care for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, itches, pain, skin rashes and insect bites
  • All-purpose, compact first aid kit includes essential first aid supplies like cleansing wipes, gauze pads, assorted bandages, rolled gauze, antibiotic cream, itch stopping cream, acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack, and much more
  • Includes a variety of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages in assorted sizes for minor wounds, as well as Band-Aid Brand First Aid Products gauze pads, non-stick pads and rolled gauze for larger minor wounds
  • Includes full size 0.5 oz Neosporin + Pain Relief topical cream to help prevent infection while relieving pain and full size 1.0 oz Extra Strength Benadryl Itch-Stopping topical cream to help soothe itching
  • Travel first aid kit also contains Tylenol Extra Strength acetaminophen caplets and a Bengay Non-Medicated Instant Cold Pack to help ease minor aches and pains, as well as two pairs of gloves and a helpful first aid guide. Suggested age – 5 years and up

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Pain Stimulators

  • Multi-functional Tens Massager with 24 Preprogrammed Massage Modes for Pain and Muscle Relief. TENS unit help reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of conditions including: arthritis, period pain, knee pain, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries.Tens muscle stimulator is a powerful weapon in your fight against chronic pain.
  • Free Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag, Reusable Fastening Cable Ties and 10 Pcs of Self Adhesive Conductive Reusable Pads. No more cable mess after use with fastening cable ties. A quick and easy solution for tens lead wires management. Hassle free storage system for the tens massager and wires.
  • Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Choice for Relieving Pain. Great Device You Can Use at Home for Pain Management. If you have chronic or acute pain, just trying Belifu TENS massager for relief. It is with human body simulation technology, microcomputer intelligent control technology, simulates a variety of massage methods. Help for treating back pain, arthritic or inflamed discs/ joints, shoulder tension and muscle Relief.
  • A/B Dual Channels with 24 Modes, 20 level Intensity and Time Control. relax Any Time Anywhere with Pocket Size! You can operate it with different intensity settings for each channel. With portable size, it can be used in the office, car or travel on the go.Total body relaxation: use for back, knee, shoulder, ankles, wrist and elbow and make this the most powerful weapon for your body relax.
  • Built in Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery– up to 20 Hours of Continuous Use. It can be connected to wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge. Don’t worries about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more. With battery level indicator remind you charge timely.

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4 thoughts on “Personal Care Appliances

  1. Hello and thank you for recommending these personal care appliances. 

    I think the no-touch door opener/closer will be very useful, especially during this pandemic era. My dad uses something similar to it because he tried to minimize direct contact with outside materials. 

    I will check this product information further and consider to buy it. 


  2. I’ve seen these, the company my wife works for gave a bunch of these out, and I think they are a really useful tool. 

    I definitely think these will be a great thing for stopping the spread of covid 19 because touching door knobs and handles and buttons in elevators spread germs so much more than we realize I think you have a great article here, and I really enjoyed reading it. 

    Keep up the good work! 

    All the best ,


    1. Hey Jonathon,

      I am so glad that you find this article suitable for you.

      I hope that you make use of the other information here on this website to assist you in ways that you always dream of.


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