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  1. Wow, that is so nice. I would have never thought that games like this existed.   

    I know someone who loves Jesus and would love this the bible game. They like to listen to folks who take the bible serious, and is all about the bible and not all the fluff. 

    Keep spreading the love as I feel that God will take on many phases in our lives.  

    Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for your interest in this Video Games post and considering it a nice post.        

      You are most certainly welcome for the inspiration of these games, as well as the other content located in

      You are most certainly welcome for the sharing of this nice post.

      Please Have A Blessed Day!

  2. I was really intrigued by these game ideas, and really pleased while I was reading this article. 

    The concept of creating bible or Christian video games that will serve people better than the other video games out there is such a fine one, as it will help boost their knowledge and understanding of the Holy Word while they simultaneously have fun. 

    1. Hi, I hope you are doing well,

      It’s awesome to hear that you have learned about Holy Bible or Christian video games through this website! It seems to me that boosting one’s knowledge and understanding of the Holy Word while having fun is an excellent idea, that I am pleased to share.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

      Warm Regards To You My Friend!

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