III. Holiness in daily life (God concerned with His children’s conduct), Chapters 11-22

A. Food of God’s people, Lev 11

B. Children of God’s children, Lev 12

C. Cleansing of leprosy, Lev 1314

D. Cleansing of running issues, Lev 15

E. Great Day of Atonement, Lev 16

F. Place of sacrifice; value of the blood, Lev 17


G. Application of commandments to life situations, Lev 1820

1. Immorality condemned (amplification of 7th commandment), Lev 18

2. Social sins (application of commandments), Lev 19

3. Penalty for breaking commandments, Lev 20

H. Laws for personal purity of priests, Lev 2122