NCIS veteran Dan Lucas is a man of few words. He spent a career keeping his nation’s secrets safe and his personal life–including his faith–private. But when a routine flight home turns into a chaotic nightmare when a lethal storm strands Dan and thousands of passengers inside a dark and clammy airport terminal – he’s forced to act.

Dan is secretly carrying a massive cache of information that he never planned to share with anyone. But that all changes when an atheist professor chooses the seat next to him… and sparks begin to fly.  A caustic battle of the minds erupts between the seasoned spy catcher and the cynical secular Jew that grinds on into the wee hours of the night.  What does Dan reveal to the tenured academic during a gut wrenching night of mayhem and death?  Can it save the professor before it’s too late?

Their all-night marathon ends with a sudden series of crushing events. Who dies and who survives? What unbelievable miracle is the final result?

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Christian Books & Bibles


Exploring how Christianity became a world religion, this brief history examines Christian missions and their relationship to the current globalization of Christianity.

  • A short and enlightening history of Christian missions: a phenomenon that many say reflects the single most important intercultural movement over a sustained period of human history
  • Offers a thematic overview that takes into account the political, cultural, social, and theological issues
  • Discusses the significance of missions to the globalization of Christianity, and broadens our understanding of Christianity as a multicultural world religion
  • Helps Western audiences understand the meaning of mission as a historical process
  • Contains several new maps that illustrate demographic shifts in world Christianity

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She needs a champion. Just not him.

Four years after his girlfriend ghosted him, Martin MacFarland finds her in Key Largo, abused and pregnant with her second child. Martin wants to be there for her, but she can’t give him a second chance.

Remember the MacFarlands in Smile for Me (Vacation Sweethearts Book 1)? Look for Me is the story of Tina’s brother, Martin. This Christian beach town romance novel with a side of suspense has clean language while dealing with the difficulties of past sins, single motherhood, second chances, redemption, and the mercy of God. It is Book 4 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Vacation Sweethearts series of Christian travel romance novels, a spin-off of her Savannah Sweethearts beach romance series.

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Even as evidence accumulates that humans have significantly contributed to global climate change, many Christians have questions about what it means to care for creation. Some question whether focusing on creation care takes away from a person’s spirituality or from caring for other humans. Others wonder to what extent we can live peaceably with nonhuman creation. Still others wonder whether we should be better stewards of the environment and whether developing better technology might save us from the current crisis. The diverse authors of this volume address these questions in an accessible way.

“Care for creation has become marginalized in conversations concerning the quest for justice; nevertheless, our very lives depend on . . . respecting the earth. It is no accident that those most likely to be disenfranchised are those who depend the most on the earth for its survival. Hence, A Faith Encompassing All Creation is a crucial addition to the justice discourse. By gathering diverse voices, the reader is led to explore this crucial issue. Our only hope is that such elucidation leads to praxis.”
–Miguel de la Torre, Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colorado

“This book gets our attention. It is prophetic. For those of us who have been soothed into ‘let’s be nice to creation’ this is an altar call to conversion to a radical and responsible life. We must repent, not simply because all creation calls out to us but because God calls.”
–Kyle Childress, Austin Heights Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, Texas

“What could be more important for Christians today than to read A Faith Encompassing All Creation? We are in desperate need of a vision of Christian faith that can inspire commitment and action to save the biodiversity of our planet. This book brings together a vibrant diversity of voices, men and women, young and old, from various Christian traditions, all committed to love for the Earth and all its creatures as God’s good creation.”
–Denis Edwards, Australian Catholic University

Tripp York teaches in the Department of Religion at Virginia Wesleyan College. He is the author or editor of more than half a dozen books, including Third Way Allegiance, Living on Hope While Living in Babylon, and The Devil Wears Nada.

Andy Alexis-Baker is a PhD candidate in Systematic Theology and Theological Ethics at Marquette University. He is co editor of Theology of Missions, by John Howard Yoder.

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Deep in the heart of Alaska, there’s more to fear than just the cold …

Real faith meets real suspense in these 3 thrilling novels you can’t put down!

Find out why Christian fiction readers are racing headfirst into the depths of rural Alaska, where unforgettable characters face unimaginable dangers. These believers will risk everything to save the ones they love:

A woman hiding from the fatal mistakes of her past. A sister rescuing her autistic little brother from the clutches of danger. A mother confronting the demons in her past to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

If you like determined characters, faith-based suspense, and heart-stopping action, then you’ll love these riveting novels from bestselling Christian novelist Alana Terry.

Buy the Alaskan Refuge 3-Book Box Set and dive into a world of breath-taking and unforgettable adventure today.

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  1. Hi there,

    Your choice of reading material listed here is truly inspiring. Each one sounds very thought provoking and a possible path to faith for those who read them.

    People can in one way or another relate to the stories of others, and sense their own situation or experiences in the characters. It can be an inspiring introduction or a reaffirming of faith in action.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello, 

      Thank you for reading, commenting on this Books post, and considering my choice of reading material truly inspiring. You are welcome for the sharing of this information.

      Wishing you much success ahead!

  2. Hello Jerry, 

    These are very good books and they are very important to many of us, because for me reading is a very important part of one’s existence, and I have actually seen a couple of these books, and “A letter to the church” is one I can’t forget at all. 

    I hope to get “Shaken” soon and get the message being passed across in it.

  3. Hey Jerry 

    Thank you for the article. 

    It is interesting and challenging . I am mostly interested in  ‘ A faith encompassing all creation’ It is so relevant, as a Christian I need to read it . I believe we have been made stewards of God’s creation and we need to get guidance from God Himself on how to best take care of His creation .

    1. Howdy,

      Thank you so much for your comment. You seem to understand the message of this post about Books perfectly.

      Sincere Regards To You My Friend!

  4. I think one could spend hours on this site and not see all of it!  

    You have been very thorough with your blogs, books, videos and various marketing avenues. You seem to have all of your bases covered, even Groceries and Gourmet Food.  

    If you can’t make a positive impact, no one can!

    1. Greetings to you my friend,

      This article covers the general aspects of a limited number of Books. I might do a more thorough article on this, hopefully in the near future. 

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Enjoy Your Journey and Stay Blessed My Friend!

  5. Thank you Jerry for this Christian book selection. 

    I particularly like the coloring book. I am a Sunday school teacher and I’m always needing tools to pass the bible message across to children in a language they will understand. This colour book should do the job. 

    Keep up the great job!

    1. Good morning my friend,

      Thank you so much for utilizing a portion of your time to read, comment, and liking items on this page. I really appreciate your remarks and it definitely pleases me to learn that the coloring book will aid as a tool for your Sunday School Class. It is my pleasure to assist with this.

      Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

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