Be A Barrier Breaker!

Let us think about this for a moment, Barrier Breaker, someone had to be the first to do it, before that it had never been done.

For instance, maybe we are in a family were none of the family members have ever attended college, this does not mean it cannot be done, someone has to be the Barrier Breaker and become the first college student in the family; Maybe we are in a family were none of the family members have ever became a millionaire, many of us can relate to this, but someone has to be the Barrier Breaker and become the first millionaire in the family.

Someone once said, If GOD wanted me to be rich, I would have been born rich. A comment like this makes me wonder how all of the people who advanced financially from poverty to riches would feel if they heard this absurd statement, especially after all of the hard work and dedication they had to put in by taking advantage of any opportunities they crossed paths with to become the Barrier Breakers they are.

There may be times, a lot of us become so immersed in our environment that we adapt to it and feel that the way things are going on around us is the way it is, without change, cannot get better, or maybe we just accept it as our final destination.

Oh, but there are some of us who choose to be Barrier Breakers! Deep inside of us we wonder, is this all? What more do I have to offer? How can I do things differently to make this work? What can I offer my family? What can I offer my community? What can I offer my country? What can I offer the world?

Well, the good news is, everyone of us here at Wealthy Affiliate are Barrier Breakers!

We take the time to sit through all types of Constructive Training that molds us into the professionals we have become, when we look back, we have evidence of all of the hard work we have put in, which in turn produces a tangible result.

Each and every single one of us must continue to Be A Barrier Breaker!

Blessings To You My Friends



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Author: HBS & DwJ

6 thoughts on “Be A Barrier Breaker!

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this information. Most of us have forgot that we can be different from what we are today . They believe that they are born into a family that no one has ever succeeded and because of that they won’t succeed. There is a parable I once had that say ” if you are born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it is your fault” which I believe is true . Don’t allow circumstances to define you but change the situation for the better.

    Thanks for the reminder that we can be a barrier breaker.

    1. Hello, 

      You are most certainly welcome for the sharing of my view. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this blog.

      You are most certainly welcome for the sharing of such important information,

      Enjoy Your Journey and Stay Blessed My Friend!

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    Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for considering this a good post, and you are welcome for the sharing of it.

      Warm Regards To You My Friend!

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    1. Thank you for commenting that you would try to share this superb article with some friends of yours and thank you for calling it that, about the website being really nice, and about how you learned something tangible from this well detailed article.

      You have my permission share this article with some of your friends. Thank you again for reading and commenting on this post.

      Best Of Blessings To You My Friend!

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