Being Grateful At All Times

When it comes to being grateful, being grateful at all times is very difficult to do. There are a number of people who may be able to pull it off, but with the many distractions just from talking, listening and learning that comes along in life, this makes being grateful at all times a very difficult task.

A very difficult task

This may be a very difficult task, but a necessary task it is indeed, because it is such an act of faith in knowing that no matter what is going on, it’s going to be alright.

When things seem to be piling up against us, with the pressure of heavy weights loaded upon us, when things have turned so dramatically against us, and seem to not be working in our favor at all, when it seems that we are the only one dealing with a situation that other people are actually involved in, where we may be involved with situations of being falsely, or unjustifiably accused in a certain situation, whatever the case may be.

After it is all said and done, and it is happening to us, it does appear to us as, “0h my goodness, this is horribly one sided”. So, it is difficult, and very hard to be grateful at all times, but it is very necessary.

The hard times

The difficulty in being grateful in hard times is:

There are often pressing, overwhelming, present circumstances that requires a lot of our energy to try mustering up the strength, by bracing ourselves to weather the storm. Doing this makes it very hard to be grateful when dealing with all of this pain.

Here is a little trick that might benefit us all, This is what we will have to train ourselves to do, now this will have to be done in small increments and it will take practice, just like anything else we try for the first time.

We should train to say this to ourselves, “This is happening to me because GOD is working me through some type of test that I must pass in order to be allowed to succeed to the next level; This is happening to me because there is something that I must purge my life of, my body of, my spirit of”.

Purging pain

When we are purging something, we are dealing with a very painful situation, we are dealing with painful circumstances. This can be similar to a person going through withdrawals trying to get off drugs, as they deal with the agonizing pain of withdrawals because their body has become dependent on the drug. There may be times we have become dependent, or addicted to the situation and/or circumstances we have been dealing with.

It is an agonizing process to try to pull away from something we have been dealing with for so long. This process is very tough when we are going through pain, but when we are purging our system, when we are having to pass a test, when we are starting preparations for the next level, this moment right here, when we realize this is what is happening, this is where we should find our gratitude.

There may have been many times in our lives, where we have been through troubled times, made it through them, and faced more troubled times later, which in turn, allowed us to take a look back, and say to ourselves, “I am glad I went through and made it out of that situation, now I know I can make it through this one”. This is another point where we should find gratitude.

Grace and Mercy

GOD has never left us. Through all of the things we have done, and all of the mistakes we have made, all of the lies we have told others and ourselves, all of the situations we have gotten ourselves into, being greedy and wanting too much, and sometimes at the expense of other people, hurting them in the process which may not have been intentional, nevertheless, it happens when we become selfish.

The Grace and Mercy of GOD has allowed us to even get beyond all of our mishaps. In spite of ourselves GOD has never left us nor has He forsaken us. He has always gotten us through all of our situations, if we don’t think this is true, we should reevaluate our relationship with Him, by asking ourselves, “how often are we communicating with Him through prayer”?

No matter the situation, if we have a relationship with GOD, He has definitely gotten us through it. It may not have been the way we wanted or the way we may have liked for Him to get us through it, but the bottom line stands, He has always made a way for us out of difficult circumstances.


One thing we must keep in mind, we will be paying for the wrong that we do so let’s remain prepared for that. There are always warnings sent our way to stop doing whatever it is we are doing wrong. We are not fully punished right away, Oh but when we get caught, this is punishment that is only partial. The rest of our punishment will come from GOD.

All have fallen short of the Glory of GOD, so let him without sin cast the first stone. With this being said, let us not forget to be grateful for GOD in our lives everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Blessings To Each Of You,









Author: Jerry

8 thoughts on “Being Grateful At All Times

  1. Hi Jerry!

    This is an inspiring post.

    Yes, indeed being grateful at all times is very difficult. Especially in hard times, we tend to ask God why it is happening to us. We try to justify our acts and count our good deeds. Forgetting that we only live by His grace we are not worthy of anything we get in life.

    When we face any hard or great times, let’s remember that it is only by the grace of God which sees us through. We have a sinful nature and we need to abide in Christ and learn from Him how to be grateful at all times.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to carefully read and elaborate on this post.

      What you have just stated is the Whole truth, I agree 100%. Once we begin to realize these things in which you have stated, it is only then we will realize how “so entitled” we have become as human beings.

      You are most certainly welcome. 

      Thank you again for reading and commenting on this post.

      Best Of Blessings To You My Friend!

  2. Hello again Jerry,  

    I am going through a situation where the old me or younger me would consider this to be a difficult situation, however, this situation is really just a situation.  

    You have to ask God to allow yourself to be aware of what is going on and then what behaviors and actions you have to do in order to get through the situations.  It really boils down to coming up with a great plan and taking massive amounts of actions and having faith that God will bring you through the situation eventually.

    1. Thank you again for utilizing a portion of your time for the reading and commenting on another article I have created.

      Your comments are greatly appreciated!

      Have A Blessed Day!

  3. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful at all times. We understand that it is not easy and sometimes we fail to do so.

    I personally have experienced many difficult situations in my life, and I took it as a test each time. I know I have to pass the test to get better. I feel grateful and thankful for what I have gone through. I am now very happy with my life.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for utilizing a portion of your time for the reading and accurately commenting on this blog.

      All The Best To You My Friend!

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing and informative article about Being Grateful At All Times. 

    I have enjoyed reading your article and have learned from it and I will carry the below words with me to eternity  “We should train to say this to ourselves, 

    This is happening to me because GOD is working me through some type of test that I must pass in order to be allowed to succeed to the next level; This is happening to me because there is something that I must purge my life of, my body of, my spirit of”. 

    This is a powerful thing l can teach myself going forward and repeat the above words. We have to be grateful for all the small or big things we have in our lives and all the Glory has to be to God. And you are right we will be punished for all our wrong deeds and ignoring the warnings we see. He is a forgiving God if we mend our ways and ask for forgiveness. 

    I have bookmarked your article so that l can go back again and l will share it will my family and friends. Great post.

    Stay blessed and stay safe!

    1. You are most certainly welcome for the sharing of such an amazing and informative blog and thank you for considering it such. 

      It pleases me to learn that you have enjoyed reading and learning from this blog. Thank you for bookmarking this blog, sharing it with your friends, and for considering it a Great blog.

      Thank you so much for utilizing a portion of your time for the reading and accurately commenting on this blog.

      Many Blessings To You My Friend!

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