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When some think of a Mega Churches they often think; The members of the church are discriminatory to multiple groups of people; Do a wonderful job with their children’s program; Always leave feeling like the sermons have spoken to me personally; The music is incredible!; Always greeted with a smile; Although it is huge, the people make it what it is, home!

The Event Staff at Mega Churches really knows  how to organize and declutter, and host conferences. Enough cannot be said for the church staff and volunteers that go above measure to make sure that everything from the IT and Production staff is up to par.  Volunteers makes an effort to please everyone.

Some even think about how far they have to walk after they park their cars in the huge parking lots, while others are thankful to be there and are overjoyed at the thought of GOD blessing them to see another day above ground.

What are Mega Churches?

A megachurch is a church with an unusually large membership, especially one preaching a conservative or evangelical form of Christianity and also offering a variety of educational and social activities. The Hartford Institute for Religion Research defines a megachurch as any Protestant Christian church having 2,000 or more people in average weekend attendance.

The concept originated in the mid 19th century, continued into the mid 20th century as a phenomenon, and expanded rapidly through the 1980’s and 1990’s; it is widely seen across the US in the early 21st century.

Basic Mega Church Leaders Structure: 

  1. Elders
  2. Senior Pastor – Administrative Assistant
  3. Executive Pastor – Special Projects – Community Based Launch Team
  4. Worship & Arts Pastor – Senior Director of Operations – Children’s Pastor – Student Ministry Pastor – Director Communications – Pastor of Caring Ministries – Director Adult Growth – Pastor of Outreach and Global Missions – Community Leader Development – 12 Admin
  5. Visual Arts Coordinator – Accounts Receivable/Payable/Human Resources Coordinator – Director of Groups/People – Administrative Assistant – Communications Assistant – Administrative Assistant – Cooperative Program – 12 Admin
  6. Drama Coordinator – Data Base Coordinator – Ministry Assistant Groups/People – Senior High Small Groups Coordinator – Director of Caring Ministries – Coordinator of Ministry To Women – Director of Outreach – Cooperative Program – Admin
  7. Technical Arts Director – Director IT – Director of Operations – College Director – Outreach Mobilizer – Cooperative Program – 12 Admin
  8. Administrative Assistant – Media Ministry Coordinator – Operations Coordinator – Senior High Pastor – Local Outreach Intern – Singles
  9. Music Director for W&A – Office Supervisor Administrative Assistant/Human Resources
  10. Director of Programming
  11. Receptionist – Junior High Pastor – Connection Point – 12 Admin
  12. Director Facilities – Programming Assistant – Student Missions Coordinator – Hospitality
  13. Administrative Assistant Facilities, Scheduling – Director of Kids Club
  14. Senior High Intern, Junior High Intern (2), Route 56 Intern
  15. Maintenance Security
  16. Maintenance Supervisor – Administrative Assistant
  17. (2) Security Men, (2) Maintenance Men

Mega Church Budgets

Some Mega Churches have an annual budget of $70 million.

A lead pastor in a mega church can earn an average salary of $147,000 according to an article on the report by the website Christian Post. However, the salary range for lead pastors can be from $40,000 to $400,000. Executive pastors at mega churches earn an average salary of $99,000 a year.

It has been reported that there is a pastor who no longer accepts the $200,000 salary to which he’s entitled as senior pastor.

There have also been reports stating Mega Churches on average has about $6.5 million in income a year.

Churches are tax exempt under the principle that there is no surer way to destroy the free exercise of religion than to tax it. … Taxing churches breaks down the healthy separation of church and state and leads to the destruction of the free exercise of religion.

Churches usually work off of donations. I believe, because they are non-profit, they are not designed to offer a service to make money, they are a place of worship where people can go and practice their religion. So the members of the church donate to the church and the church is tax free.

The Law gives churches tax breaks on utilities. After more than 10 years of lingering in legislative purgatory, state churches are getting a break when it comes to paying  utility bills. State churches no longer have to pay sales tax on utilities including electricity, water and natural gas.

Pastors For Mega Churches

Do you have to have a certain type or level of a degree to become a Mega Church Pastor? The answer is No, you do not have to have a certain type or level of a degree to become a Mega Church Pastor, however Doctoral degrees are preferred but not mandated, not just by Mega Churches, but by all churches in general.

What type of leadership does it take to become a Mega Church Pastor? Mega Church Pastors must be able to prove that they have leadership experience.

What are the age requirements for a Mega Church Pastor? The age requirements for Mega Church Pastors are 38 to 49 years old, and they must be happily married with 2.6 children.

If you can meet these requisites, tied in with the ability to earn the trust of thousands of people, an extraordinary preaching style, then you are on your way to become a qualified candidate as a Mega Church Pastor.

Mega Church Controversy

When topics about “Mega Churches” are mentioned, there is almost an unending amount of controversy that goes along with it. Allegations of leadership acting with inappropriate behavior with it’s members; Why a church may or may not have been open to shelter people displaced by natural disasters; What money leadership may or may not have used to purchase their spouse a very expensive vehicle; Allegations of leadership being involved with extramarital affairs; Allegations of leadership being involved with bullying and patterns of persistent sinful behaviors; Concerns about the cost of the homes belonging to the mega church leadership; Controversial comments about what GOD may or may not be saying to someone; Just to name a few, however the list continues on.

Who are the creators of all of the Controversy? What is causing all of this Controversy? When did all of this Controversy start? Where did all of this Controversy come from? Why continue with all of this Controversy?

How do we put a stop to all of this Controversy?


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12 thoughts on “About Mega Churches – About Their Influence

  1. Hello! to my limited view point, I think mega churches get involved in all of these as a result of the kind of money they realise and the luxury at which both workers and leaders of the church live in and this often defile the norms as most people crave for such a live that they do not get. So, I think envy is the key to the reason most of these comes up. Most people wish to spoil the reputation of  a church and present theirs in a better limelight.

    1. Absolutely, and in most cases the ones trying to spoil the reputation of  a church, do not attend church at all. You know it reminds of some people who discuss politics, and they do not ever vote.

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to comment about this post.

      All The Best To You!!!


  2. I have seen a couple of mega-churches before but i am not really a big fan of it and this is because of all the controversies that surround the churches. The issues that are related to money laundering and fraud. I do not say that this is true or entirely true but there is a saying that from every rumour, there is definitely some elements of truth. So what is the world going to believe. I hope that we can at a point focus on God and see that the work of the church is a job opportunity.

    1. I agree that we should focus on GOD 100%.

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to comment about this post.

      All The Best To You!!!


  3. I have been to a couple of mega churches. One when I was in Tokyo, Japan and the Other was when I was in California. I have to say that I love the energy. I remembered being asked in the parking lot if it is my first time and I got a tour with the best seat and with my personal chaperon. They really do have good music and really good activities for children. 

    I just prefer small neighborhood churches, it is just more personable and focus on Jesus rather than the marketing side of it. 

    About the controversy, I do not hear much of it, but I can easily see how that can happen. Where there is a ranking of high power, whoever is in that church can easily manipulate it. It doesn’t mean that it is a bad church, it is just the person who runs it is corrupted. 

  4. So thoughtful of you to share such an informative review about Mega churches and their influence.

    I have attend a couple of mega-churches before, but I am not really a big fan of them, and this is because of all the controversies that surround the churches. 

    The issues that are related to money laundering and fraud, one cannot actually tell which of these churches are really about the gospel, or there for what they stand to gain, this complicates the issue.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article, I look forward to sharing it!

    1. Hello,

      Thank you kindly for considering this a thoughtful sharing of informative information.

      I agree wholeheartedly, it must take the Grace Of God to build True Relationships, which helps proclaim and spread the Word of GOD to people all over the nations, and that it becomes necessary to put GOD first in all that we do.

      You are most certainly welcome for the sharing of such an informative blog About Mega Churches – About Their Influence, and thank you for considering it such.

      You absolutely have my permission to share this informative information with your friends and everyone else you can in order to assist with the spread of this positive information.

      Have A Blessed Day!

  5. Hey, 

    Nice article you have here, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Despite the congregation of a Mega Church, for one to be recognized he or she must be an active worker, deligent and efficient in its activities. 

    Nevertheless, most mega churches still do give back to communities, less privilege, the elderly and the widows as a way of charitable deeds, their impact has been felt in my country.

    1. Thank you for commenting on the nice website that I have created, it pleases me to learn that this is your opinion about it. 

      I Hope The Best For You!

  6. Hello there, 

    Thanks for the review, it was really helpful. Well no doubt mega churches have extremely large auditoriums and members, so they can reach out to large numbers of followers. 

    But then, one major, and common challenge in these churches is that they cannot keep track of individual members because of their size.

    1. Hello,

      I’m glad you liked the post. I’m glad I can display my thoughts, what I am and have learned, about these things on here, and know that there are people like yourself who can get something out of it. 

      Thanks for taking the time to read it. And I hope you’ll enjoy future post as well.  

      Many Blessings To You!

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